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This is an interesting video showing 3 smart graphics designers which took them 4 days to recreate the Omaha beach invasion scene of the Saving Private Ryan film. [youtube:

I took the Geekness test here and got 85 😉 which probably makes me a High-Level Computer Geek And it also made me a Cool High Nerd ;D</p> </a>

Puppy linux is what I call it the best of lightweight linux distributions. I have a quite old machine at home, a PIII 500 MHz with 386 MB RAM. While other distros crawl on it (even those which clai...

Here is the instructions and necessary files for Feature Selection Lab1 at Pascal Bootcamp 2007, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain: Lab1 instructions Lab1 files

I’ve been using the OpenCV (ver. 1.0.0) lately and I noticed that under Linux, using the ‘cvCaptureFromAVI’ does not detect the correct number of frames from an AVI video file. So this code returns...