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  1. Sir,
    I am trying to train a spiking neural network of Izhikevich neurons. Could you assist me with training the network with the back propagation algorithm?

  2. Amir have you notice any problem using CLOP with Matlab 2008. The first one is tha norm.m is already defined, but although I have chaged the name of this function, and all the calls to it I have experienced the following error executing main.m

    — ARCENE-BASELINE model built
    training standardize center=1…
    training s2n f_max=1100 w_min=-Inf…
    training normalize center=0…
    training svc kernel poly=3 coef0=1 degree=3 gamma=0 shrinkage=0.1…
    ??? Error using ==> svmtrain at 172
    Group must be a vector.

    Error in ==> svc.training at 91
    model = svmtrain(get_y(retDat), get_x(retDat), libsvm_options);

    Error in ==> algorithm.train at 108

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