A Practical Approach to Machine Learning Projects

The topic of how to approach Machine Learning (ML) based projects has come up many times over the past several years speaking to many in the field and industry. One of the fundamental aspects of ML projects is that there are often larger risks and unknowns attached to these project compared to other projects that are being undertaken within […]

An Introduction to Deep Learning for Generative Models

Back in October, me @amirsaffari and Aida @aidamash released a Deep Learning based Twitter music bot, called “LnH: The Band” – @lnh_ai, that is capable of composing new music on-demand from a few genres by simply tweeting at it. It has so far succeeded in composing more than 700 new songs. Here is where you […]

Introducing LnH: an AI based heavy metal band

Update: 18/09/2016 A bit more experimentation with sampling and generation: the following samples are generated by sampling from the embedding space rather than output probabilities. The sound (at least to me) a bit better. Here are a few tracks: So I’ve been playing with different models for algorithmic generative music for a while as a side project. […]