My name is Amir Saffari and this is my personal homepage. I’ve a PhD in Computer Vision and Machine Learning and work as the Director of Applied AI at BenevolentAI.

You can reach me at amir @ my domain name which is ymer.org, @amirsaffari, or linkedin.

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  1. Dear Mr. Amir,

    It is very interesting to read your field of interest and your academic brilliance.

    I am Saleem from India, presently in Saudi Arabia. Next month we are entering into. Intelligent Video Solutions – specifically into Security Cameras.

    Here in Saudi we intend to supply Red light running equipments to Traffic Dept. Could you kindly advice which will be the most cost effective, Intelligent, Wireless solution.
    Can you please recommend good hardware and softwares.
    I request this info from you as I see your interest in this subject, hence certainly you might have done the current market availabilities and its short comings.

    Trust you will do the needfu.

    Thanks N Warm Regards


  2. Hi,

    What’s the wordpress plugin for code displaying you are using?
    It’s cool, I want to has one for my blog too. 🙂


  3. Hello dear Amir
    I am Rozita From Iran. I studied Information Technology in Tehran. I pleased to see your website and cv in the internet very much. You are honorable for Iranian society. I congratulate you!
    I research on Data Mining. I need neural network for clustering.So I need ART2 source code of MATLAB software. Can you help me?If yes, please send me it as soon as possible.Please… I need to help you very much.

    Thanks with your attention
    With Regards

  4. hie amir

    im doing a project on self organizing maps..such that the topic credit card fraud detection…how do you organize your datasets?

  5. Hi, amir saffari;
    i want to know what is the best input normalization method for SOM classification ?
    it’s about Geomorphometry classification and i use idrisi-Anes (SOM classification).
    thanks alot

    1. Hi, usually it’s a good idea to normalize the data by their L2 norm. However, it is completely data and application dependent.

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