Puppy Linux

Puppy linux is what I call it the best of lightweight linux distributions. I have a quite old machine at home, a PIII 500 MHz with 386 MB RAM. While other distros crawl on it (even those which claim to be lightweight), I found Puppy to be rocking on it blazingly fast. It has a technology to load itself to RAM and become quite fast even on old machines. It comes in less than 100 MB and has a wide range of nice applications suitable for older machines. So if you want to breathe life into your old machines, just give it a try. You won’t regret it ;).

One thought on “Puppy Linux

  1. I am using Puppy sometimes myself so I’m happy to see others also liking it. I just have a suggestion for your blog: I’m reading it now in Opera in PCLinuxOS and I’m having real trouble reading the black fonts on the dark background. May I suggest you use a combination with better contrast?


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