Did you know Persians have a day devoted for love called “Esfandgan-Mazdegan” and this day has its roots into more than 1700 years B.C.? And guess when is the date, 29 Bahman which is 18 Feb in Gregorian calendar, which almost coincides with the current Valentine day which is celebrated for the same reason. Is not it interesting. You can read more about it in an article published in Persian Journal.

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  1. Salam balam!
    Kef ahval?
    Man choxdanidi orkuta getmamishdim. Evlanmaq xabarivi eshidim, batar sovundum. Naser Saadat da evlanib! Ali abbaspour nan Farid Vaezi da burda oturublar mana baxilar! sana da salam yetirib, congratulation diyilar. Orkutda Vancouver aksivi gordum. Butaraflara galanda, xabarimiz olsun. Irana gedajaqsan?
    ACC’07 da paper yoxundi ki?
    Xanimiva da batar salam yetir.

  2. About your post, as far as ariyan-based history is concered, Ariyans came to Iran 900BC and they divided into 3 groups and Persians were one of them. So Persian term is invented about 900BC. How could they have a ceremony 1100 years before their existance?!! Besides, such a coincidence can be occured just in stories!
    About Zoroastrian see:

  3. Thanks for the hint about the dates and names, I made a bit correction there, well, about the term of Persians, I didn’t want to be specific on who was there at that time, actually it wasn’t the purpose, I just wanted to mention those who lived in current Iran at those times of around 1700, 1800 BC, name it Aryians, Persians, Maads or …

    And I think it is an accepted fact that Zartosht (Zoroaster) actually was living about the same time, and there was people practicing the Zoroastrianism. So according to my reference, the link in the post, the day of love was a part of their festivals through out the year. And I think it is an interesting fact also that it coincides with the current Valentine day, I don’t want to imply anything here since I have no evidence which tells Valentine day is originated from the Esfandegan, but it is just interesting ;).

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